What is the Average Computer Science Job Salary in the UK?

Average Computer Science Job Salary in the UK

The tech industry is booming.

If you’re recently graduated, currently studying a computer science degree, or considering it during your final years at school, you’ll probably assume that tech and IT is everywhere, but the numbers reveal even more…

IT and computer service job roles almost doubled, from 483,000 to 860,000 roles, in the UK between 2011 and 2020.

Tech jobs now count for approximately 13% of all UK job vacancies.

Nearly 3 million people are now employed in IT and tech across the UK, as of 2021.

And we can all probably agree that these numbers will only continue to grow.

Average Computer Science Jobs Salary in the UK

The average computer science job salary in the UK is currently £46,250 in 2021.

This average is generated via multiple sources and job board aggregators but anyone well-versed in the IT world will be well aware that you can find entry-level positions offering salaries of £20,000, and also experienced senior management roles offering salaries of over £100,000 per annum, plus perks.

With that in mind, use the above figure purely as a guide.

There are so many factors at play when companies hire and lower salaries could be bumped up with various perks (e.g. stock options, health insurance, work/life balance scheduled etc.) so don’t simply take the headline figure into consideration.

Average Computer Science Graduate Salary

For graduates the story is slightly different and unless you’re a lucky graduate (we’ll cross our fingers for you!), the chances are you won’t walk into your first job post-university and grab the highest average UK salary from the off.

As with every industry, real-world experience is highly valued. There are always exceptions, but without an incredible portfolio of extracurricular projects, it’s likely that you’ll have to earn your stripes for a number of years before making the big jump.

Not to worry though, as the average computer science graduate salary currently sits somewhere between £27,500 and £31,000.

Average Computer Science Salary in the UK per Month

Moving back to the UK-wide average, if we take this average of £46,250 per annum for a computer science job in the UK, this breaks down to a per month salary of approximately £3,854.

Currently this will mean a take home salary of £2,926 per month after taxes and national insurance have been paid.

UK computer science average salary breakdown:

    • Per annum: £46,250
    • Per month: £3,854
    • Per month (take home): £2,926
    • Per week: £675
    • Per day: £135

Obviously this breakdown will be subject to change as taxes change in years to come.

Which Computer Science Job Pays the Most?

We recently published a detailed breakdown of the most sought-after and financially-friendly job roles within the UK computer science industry.

Every role is different and the same job title in two different companies won’t mean the same salary. Likewise, you can expect to earn more in relation to your skills, experience, portfolio of previous projects, management capabilities and so on.

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